Wave bicycle

Wave-polkupyörän alustavia lokasuojan värikokeiluja. Tunturi Oy manufactured the Wave bicycle designed by Kai Salo in 2004-2005. The Wave was a clear departure from the traditional bicycle, and its shape and features were thought to break decades of conservatism in the bicycle market. The bike's open-minded and revolutionary design was believed to break down old-fashioned notions of the look and construction of a bicycle designed for urban use. Wave had the riding characteristics of a full-size city bike in a compact package.

One of the most important starting points in the development of the bike was safety and riding comfort. The wheelbase of the bicycle did not differ from the traditional one. Extra stiffness was also provided by the small, twelve-inch wheels, which changed the centre of gravity lower than usual. It wasn't just about being eccentric, but about making the bike quite stable and comfortable to ride. With a frame height of 44 cm and a weight of only 12.5 kg, the bike could easily be carried up and down the stairs when needed.

The clearly functional frame allowed for additional technology and electronics to be integrated discreetly. A rear-carrier, a three-wheel drive version and an electric E model were in development. The agile and affordable bike was marketed specifically to students and schoolchildren, but it also wanted to reach a wider customer base, including the elderly population.