Archive services 

Reliable data storage  

Design Archives collects and permanently stores documents and objects related to Finnish design. The aim of the archives is to promote design research and to ensure that the history of Finnish design is preserved for future research needs. By donating their materials to Design Archives, designers can reliably preserve their own work and contribute to the preservation and research of the Finnish design heritage. The archiving of design materials in Design Archives is free of charge for the donor. 

Designers, design companies and organizations working in the field of design and visual communication can donate their materials to the archive. Materials can be any documents, images, drawings and small objects created during the design process. Materials can be accepted in both physical and electronic formats.

If necessary, Design Archives will assist in the selection of materials and in other steps related to the transfer. All accepted materials are organized, indexed and permanently and reliably stored. Research and other use of the material in the archives is always in accordance with the legislation in force. Other terms of use can be agreed with the donator if necessary. Materials donated to the archives will also remain at the donor’s disposal, and they can, for example, lend the documents to a place of their choice or they can be sent electronically. 

Are you interested in donating materials to Design Archives? Contact:, p. 044 321 3424.