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At the moment Design Archives contains the archives of the designers, companies and organisations found on this page. You can find out more about the designers and the contents of their archives in the introductions below. The presentations also include links to the designer's digital materials. Please note that all designers do not yet have their introduction written. A list of these archives can be found at the end of this page.

Kansiota rivissä.

Ahlström Krister

Krister Ahlström, vuorineuvos (honorary title), industrialist and design activist, is a prominent figure in Finnish business. He worked for Wärtsilä for 15 years before joining the family-owned company A.

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Rocla Bull -aisa

Antikainen Tuomas

Tuomas Antikainen graduated as an industrial designer from the University of Art and Design in 1992. Before that, he had studied scenography. Antikainen spent the years after graduation working as a freelance designer until the mid-1990s,

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Kari 1 -tuoleja riviin kytkettynä.

Asikainen Kari

Kari Asikainen graduated as an interior architect from the School of Art and Design in 1966. After graduation, Asikainen worked in various architecture agencies and has had his own office,

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Bensamittareiden luonnos.


Bestform was a design agency operating in Jyväskylä in 1986 – 2015. Their branch of business included industrial design, product development, product graphics design and modelling.

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Kaisa Blomstedtin Aikamatka 2012 -näyttelyn logo.

Blomstedt Kaisa

Kaisa Blomstedt, Interior Architect SIO (1947-2017) was a well-known, long-standing interior design professional. She established her first interior design agency in 1970. Blomstedt’s handprint can be seen in numerous hotels and restaurants,

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Luonnospiirustus, jossa kaksi Valmetin työkonetta.


ED-Design, a design agency based in Turku was founded in 1990. The company, initially known as Design Studio E&D, was born when two design studios,

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Helkama-jääkaappipakastimen kahvat.


Ergoplan was a design agency operating in Jyväskylä in 1981 – 1993. The founding member and CEO of the company was Raimo Nikkanen, a distinguished industrial designer.

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Lizard-kolmipyörä, suunnittelija Julian Pahlow

Forma Finlandia

The plastic design competition Forma Finlandia concept was created in the mid-1980s to support the corporate image objectives of the internationalising Neste company and to increase the acceptability of plastics and environmental awareness of plastics.

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Wärtsilän risteilyaluksen tanssisalin luonnos.

Heimala Heikki

Heikki Heimala graduated with a degree in interior architecture from the School of Art and Design in 1966. Even before graduating, Heimala worked as an interior designer at Rauma-Repola’s and Wärtsilä Group’s shipyards.

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Lemminkäinen Oy:n uuden ympäristötuotesarajan luonnos.

Junttila Ulla-Kirsti

Ulla-Kirsti Junttila graduated as an industrial designer from the University of Art and Design in 1978. During her studies she specialised in urban environment design and continued in the same field when she graduated as a Licentiate of Arts in 1994.

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Paulugin Presidentti-kahvipaketteja ja perhosia.

Kangas Erkki

Graphic designer Erkki Kangas graduated from the Graphic Design Department of the School of Art and Design in 1972. In the years after graduation, Kangas worked as an AD in various advertising agencies until 1999,

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Kasvinkasvatusykskön esittelyplanssi.

Korhonen Touko & Puintila Simo

Industrial design students Touko Korhonen and Simo Puintila participated in the Habitare ´99 competition for young designers in 1999. The theme of the competition was the furniture environment in the home,

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Helkama-jääkkaappipakastimen design concept, jossa kuvattuna jääkaapin osia..

Linja Design

Linja Design was founded in Helsinki in 1986 as a subsidiary of Ergonomiadesign, a design studio in Turku. One of Linja’s first projects was to design a diving computer for Suunto.

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Pekka Loirin Suomen Reumaliitto ry:lle suunnittelema juliste, jossa perhosia.

Loiri Pekka

Pekka Loiri is considered one of the pioneers of Finnish poster art, and his work is known for its clear lines and strong colours. In addition to poster design,

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Kirsti Maunulan luonnospiirustus, jossa naisen kasvot.

Maunula Kirsti

Kirsti Maunula (1935-2015), a fashion artist, MTO and costume designer, graduated from the Fashion Art Department of the School of Art and Design in 1959.

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Luonnospiirustus, jossa kaksi Sisu-kuorma-autoa.

Miettinen Eero

Eero Miettinen graduated as an industrial designer from the University of Art and Design in 1980. He then worked as a designer in the Finnish truck and car industry and in high-tech companies.

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Muuramen lasten kerrossänky


Muurame is a Finnish furniture factory founded in Lahti in 1925 by Martti Vaara and his brothers. The original name of the company was Veljekset Vaara.

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Marimekon esite.

Ojala Esa

Esa Ojala is a versatile designer, especially known as a corporate graphic designer and poster designer. During his career, he has also worked in product,

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Kari Piipon suunnittelema Suomalainen muotoilu -postimerkki, jossa suomalaisia designklassikoita.

Piippo Kari

Kari Piippo, one of Finland’s most internationally renowned graphic designers, graduated from the Graphic Design Department of the School of Art and Design in 1967.

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A-lehtien Tokion tempura -juliste.

Pilve Pentti

Pentti Pilve started his career in 1962 as an advertising journalist in Tampere. He studied at the Helsinki School of Economics and the Helsinki Institute of Marketing.

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Exel Oy:n perhossiipisompia.

Product design Pentti Leskinen

Pentti Leskinen (1929-2005) worked as a silversmith and visual artist before becoming an industrial designer. When he started studying industrial design, Leskinen was quite an accomplished artist,

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Erkki Ruuhisen suunnittelemia logoja

Ruuhinen Erkki

Professor Emeritus Erkki Ruuhinen is one of the most internationally renowned graphic designers in Finland. He has played a key role in raising the profile of Finnish graphic design.

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Timo Saarnion suunnittelemia Mobilo-tuoleja jonossa.

Saarnio Timo

Timo Saarnio graduated with a degree of interior architect in 1971 from the Helsinki School of Art and Design. For the first ten years after graduation,

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Erivärisiä Thema-cityautojen luonnoksia rivissä.

Salo Kai

Before his design studies, Kai Salo (1938-2017) studied precision mechanics at Turku Vocational School and worked as a drafter in an architectural office in Turku.

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Salora Finlandia Viptronic -televisio.

Salora, electronics collection

The Salora electronics collection contains eleven televisions manufactured by Salora in the 1970s and 1980s. The televisions were designed by industrial designers Jorma Pitkonen, Heikki Kiiski and Ilja Sunell.

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Puustellin Miinus-keittiön luonnos.

Salovaara Juhani

Juhani Salovaara strives to find sustainable product solutions, and he is inspired by designing products where the designer has to think beyond the content. A burning interest in design has guided Salovaara throughout his career,

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Tunnetko teolliset muotoilijat -kirjan kansikuva.

Sanna Simola’s collection

The archive contains interviews of the industrial designers for the TunneTKO Industrial Designers book. The Festschrift is edited by Sanna Simola and Marjukka Mäkelä. The interviewed designers are Eero Rislakki,

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Perspektiivikuva Suomen Työväen Säästöpankin pankkisalista

Studio Knorring

Interior Architect Peter von Knorring (1932-2020) graduated from the Department of Interior Design at the School of Art and Design in 1957. After graduation, he worked as a freelance interior designer for an architecture company until 1966,

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Caru-muurahainen piirushahmo ja sudenkorento.

Taivalvuo Auvo

In the early 1950s, illustrator and visual artist Auvo Taivalvuo worked for the Fauni company in Järvenpää. Taivalvuo drew popular troll characters that appeared in comics,

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Ahti Taskisen laatimia luonnoksia.

Taskinen Ahti

Ahti Taskinen graduated as an interior architect from the Interior Design Department of the School of Art and Design in 1963. Taskinen was interested in furniture design already during his studies.

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Sauna, jossa Tuntu Oy:n kankaiset riippulauteet.


Tuntuu designed and manufactured hammock benches for saunas and operated in 2009 – 2022. The idea for the new benches started when the father of the idea,

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TAPC 4040 -hifilaitteen luonnos.

Vaajakallio Jukka

Jukka Vaajakallio’s design philosophy can be summed in the following way: “Good design does not mean a better-looking product, it means a better product”. Vaajakallio has always emphasised the functionality of a product at the expense of its design flow and aesthetic qualities,

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Grafia ry:n logo.

Vuoden Huiput / Grafia

Vuoden Huiput is Finland’s most important creative design competition, founded by designers in 1980. The annual event aims to raise the level of design, foster creativity and originality,

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Väätänen Risto

Risto Väätänen considers industrial design to be a strong competitive advantage and the three basic principles of his design work are cost-effectiveness of products, usability of machinery and suitable appearance.

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Luonnos Hotelli Vantaan hoteelihuoneesta.

Wegelius Yrjö

Yrjö Wegelius graduated as an interior architect from the School of Art and Design in 1967. During his career, he has worked in many different architectural agencies and led his own design agency.

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Slevin pöydälle laitettava pienoisliesi.

Wikström Pekka

Pekka Wikström (1938-2011) was a pioneer of industrial design. Wikström graduated from the School of Art and Design as a metal artist in 1964. Wikström started his designer career when he was still a student.

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Design Archives also contains the following archives:

  • Ahava Jouni (industirial design)
  • Desigence Oy (industrial design)
  • Heikkilä Simo (furniture design, interior architecture)
  • Järvinen Pasi (industrial design)
  • Kaltala Viktor (graphic design)
  • Linnonmaa Anne (clothing design)
  • Orvola Mirja (interior architecture)
  • Porttinen Kirsti (textile design, interior architecture)
  • Pärnänen Inni (jewelry design)
  • Rahikainen Tua (clothing design)
  • Ruoslahti Maija (furniture design, interior architecture)
  • Turkka Yrjö (interior architecture)
  • Wahlforss Henrik (industrial design)