Environmental design of Turenki business centre

Turengin liikekeskustan viimeistelysuunnitelma, päällystekuviotIn the early 1980s, one of the most significant projects I worked on for Lemminkäinen was the Turenki marketplace, for which I prepared the final design in connection with a contract tender from Lemminkäinen. Lemminkäinen got the contract and that was the beginning of my cooperation with the municipality of Janakkala.

During the implementation phase of the market, I was commissioned to design the environmental design of the Turenki shopping centre and promenade following a call for tenders. I was given the task, which was divided into several phases, from a general plan of the shopping centre to a fairly detailed design of the promenade. The street design was done by the municipality, so I got help from them in designing things like levelling and drainage, which I hadn't done before.

The Turenki Business Centre was by far my most extensive and demanding environmental design assignment and a significant extension of my previous product and pavement design assignments. The promenade was inaugurated in 1987 with a great ceremony and it attracted a lot of attention, because there were no promenades yet.