In the second stage of the competition, full-scale models of each final competition entry had to be produced, on the basis of which the main judge would make the final decision. The first prototype turned out to be useless. Our worst nightmares were coming true. Our plan did not work. The pressure was increasing as we had only a month left to submit our competition entry. We went back to the drawing board and forgot everything we had designed in the past four months. We had to think about which things were really the things that should be in our furniture. We had to give up, for example, the stepless rope lock.

The new idea was much more conservative in design than the previous version. The growing unit was now quite different from the previous version. Its operating principles had also changed radically. The good thing about the new prototype, however, was that it worked. We decided to make four growing units of different sizes for the competition, but because of the time constraints we ended up with three.