Design philosophy

Kari collection

The solid experience of designing public spaces in an architectural firm early in my career has been a great asset to me as a furniture designer. I know what is needed, and I know how architects think. I know the architectural scale.

From the very beginning, the design of Kari furniture has been guided by the desire for simple, timeless aesthetic and structural clarity, durable but lightweight construction, good ergonomics, usability and easy maintenance. They are not demanding on their environment and are easy to integrate into both old and new architectural surroundings. They do not “stand out”.


Scheletro collection

Although the Scheletro (= skeleton) furniture range, born in 1987, is built from parts of the Kari collection, its design philosophy is partly the opposite of Kari. Scheletro's profile is deliberately high. It is no longer invisible but it needs a dedicated place. It is designed to actively shape space.

Carbonara collection

The Carbonara chair was born around the same time with Scheletro. My basic idea was to develop the lightest possible wooden chair structure reinforced with carbon fibre. I was thinking of places where you have to move the furniture around a lot, such as cafés. I started to develop this new technique partly because, I believed, nothing really new is created without a new material and or manufacturing technique.

It took over three years before the Carbonara was finished. It received a lot of attention at trade fairs and in the press. But unfortunately, it became so expensive that only a few hundred copies have been sold.