Mobile Home

Kai Salo designed a Mobile Home for Solifer Caravans in 1975. It was developed for more permanent living on wheels and was intended to continue the caravan idea of more spacious and luxurious living. The Mobile Home could also be used to provide additional capacity for holiday villages, hotels, etc. for tourism and accommodation needs. It could also be used as office and social facilities for various mobile work sites.

The Mobile Home was made using standard caravan manufacturing techniques and was initially marketed mainly abroad. The Mobil Home was supplied with different interior solutions. The nearly ten-metre frame was used to create a complete apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and toilet and shower facilities. It also had more storage space than a city apartment of the same size. Mobile Home was produced in three different lengths and with different interiors for both residential and office use. The purchase price of the largest mobile home with all its equipment was 56 000 marks.