Presto snow pusher

During the product development phase of the Presto snow pusher system, Kai Salo interviewed several caretakers about the various problems they might encounter when pushing snow. The starting point was to develop a wider, more efficient and more convenient snow pusher for the market. Presto was particularly suitable for removing 2-8 cm of surface soil from pavements and yards. It made snow removal faster, for example on pavements and there was no need to a loud snow blower. The Presto accurately removed snow from the ground thanks to the cutting leading edge of the pothole, the perpendicular thrust and the working height of the pusher. Preston's design was based on ergonomic research, making it possible to have a good and efficient working posture. The shaft was bent slightly downwards in the middle for a firmer grip, and the thickness of the tube (30 mm) was comfortable to hold.