Web exhibitions

Design Archives’ Many Forms virtual exhibition

Design Archives’ Many Forms virtual exhibition is a virtualization of the Design Archive's decennial exhibition. The decennial exhibition has been on display at the Design Archives in 2020, and the purpose is to open the backgrounds of creative work for the public and make the work of the designers visible. The virtual exhibition has a 360° virtual model, and a three-part video series of the Many Forms exhibition works as a guided tour to the whole exhibition.

Welcome to the Design Archives' Many Forms virtual exhibition!

Design is thinking

Design Archives’ “Design is thinking” web-exhibition introduces the works of three awarded Finnish graphic designers. Pekka Loiri, Kari Piippo and Erkki Ruuhinen have selected what they think are their best works for the exhibition and they tell about the brainstorming and creation work behind them. These background stories make the artists’ works open up to the audience in a completely new way.

Welcome to the Design is thinking web exhibition!

Industrial designers

Have you ever wondered, who has designed an everyday product you are using, such as a fridge or television? When the product works like it should work, nobody pays attention to the design. Design is not only about giving the aesthetic look to objects, as the industrial designer's fingerprint reaches much deeper.
This web exhibition is for everyone who is interested in design. The exhibition introduces top professionals of industrial design, whose contributions lead to better usability, better competitive strength and better products for us.

Welcome to the Industrial designers web exhibition!

Success stories of Design

The exhibition shows products that are familiar to all Finns as well as share the design process and designers behind them. It is a tribute to Finnish top-quality industrial design. The goal of the exhibition is to bring out the importance of design and the contribution of the designers in the creation process of a successful product.

Welcome to the Success stories of Design web exhibition!