Hiisi sauna stove

In 1967, I was given the task of designing a wood-burning sauna stove that would be as representative as the round electric stoves of the time. I built a Hiisi stove (a name given by Matti Viherroute) according to the engineers' firebox dimensions. The stove consists of an inner cylindrical steel plate, a cast-iron cover section with circulating flue gas ducts and a base section with a grate support and ash pan. The surface is made of black painted steel plate. The top rim of the casing and the front panel with hatches are in frosted brushed stainless steel. Stainless steel in the front cover reduces harmful radiant heat. The prototype of the sauna stove was an unidentified participant in a stove test organised by Tekniikan Maailma magazine and came second (Kastor was first).