Searching materials in the Archives' database 

You can search the archives in the archives database in Finnish. There are wide range of digital materials available. In particular, a large number of photographs and drawings from various different archives have been digitized. Documents can also be digitized to order. 

The search window below opens the Yksa archive database, a joint database of Elka and Design Archives. You can for example enter the name of the company, person or a product you are looking for in the search window. You can then view the search results in the database view. Note! If you want to search only Design Archives' holdings, enter "Designarkisto" in the search field and you can view all the archives donated to Design Archives. 

If you need help using the database, please do not hesitate to contact Design Archives' customer service, tel. +358 44 321 3424 (Mon - Fri 8–16) or designarkisto(at)

Search for photos or documents using for example the name of the company, designer or product. You can use asterisk (*) as truncation symbol.