Kuvia kasvinkasvatusyksikköä koskevista lehtileikkeistä.We gathered at the event where Professor Ron Arad would announce his choice as the winner of the competition. For the first time we saw the work of the other participants, and we were not surprised by computer desks and chairs. At least we stood out. Our strength in the competition was clearly our different and thorough background work.

One by one, the main judge began to criticize the finalists' work, always ending by saying that the work in question was not the winner. At the end there was just us, and we were told that our work is the winner. Arad said that our work was the only one that had been able to creatively address the theme of the competition and was a bold solution for the changing lifestyle of the future. However, Arad said he was disappointed with the design of the unit itself but said that we had obviously not been interested in design, but that our way of thinking was the main reflection of the work.

The victory was such a relief. It was a victory for the huge amount of work we had done for six months, but above all it was a victory for our thinking and for a better future. It was a victory for the resistance movement, which shook up the system and brought about a real cultural change. From the start, we worked with full commitment and strong opinions. We wanted to share our views and solutions as directly and honestly as possible. I think it was this clarity and comprehensibility that ultimately made our entry the winner of the whole competition.