Housing of the future

We started defining a set of values for the information society, based purely on our own ideas. The ideal society we are creating would mean radical cuts in production. The most important insight was the understanding that we are part of nature. Self-sufficiency is a way of life in which people understand their own relationship with nature. We focused our job description: "Furniture environment for a self-sufficient apartment for two people."

At this stage, we did not yet design any furniture. The design was based entirely on our vision and values. We made a list of the equipment and facilities for basic needs, and we could see that our design would be something that modern housing had not really taken into account. We continued to plan the future home to find the things that would require actual planning. We classified the potential design sites, which led us to the cultivation and a growing space for plants. It emphasised man's relationship with nature, and as furniture it would be quite new.