Huussivisio 2000

Huussivisio 2000 -pienoismalliIn 1994, Kai Salo designed a new type of nature-lover's outhouse. The design was based on aesthetics that blend in with nature, ergonomic dimensions and the ability to combine the toilet with the composting dry toilets on the market. The material for the eco-toilet was made using recycled filling material and natural materials. It suited well for moulding technique, which allowed for functional solutions.

The appearance of the outhouse was in keeping with nature's own design style, which was further enhanced by the green colour. The shape and colour of the outhouse made it easy to hide in forest in areas with more traffic. The larger model was intended for beaches, camping sites, outdoor areas and the smaller model for private use in summer cottages. The position of the door's reflective handle revealed whether the outhouse was occupied or not. The outhouse was easy to keep clean and hygienic, so it was better than squatting in the forest.

The design took into account ergonomic requirements such as the correct sitting position and the space required for different activities. The outhouse had a fixed 25 l water tank, where the collected rainwater was filtered. It was also possible to fill the tank with water. The traditional window was replaced by "peepholes" in three directions, both at sitting and standing height, from which you could watch the nature in your own peace.